Saturday, 22 July 2017


For those of you who want to play snooker and or billiards in the individual or team league and have not yet sent in their forms, a reminder that the closing date for all league entries is Wednesday the 26th July.
Entries after this date will not be accepted as I will be working to produce all league fixtures at the end of this month 

Current entries are as follows:

Team Snooker handicap league: (8 entries)
St Thomas' Tower, Tower D,Tower Green Baize Goblins, Tower Pirates.
Services, Vinchelez, St Lawrence Miniature Rifle Club, Mechanics A.
Awaiting forms: Mechanics B & St Brelade.Steelers
Confirmed withdrawals: Tower Bullets, Tower Dragons, St Aubin, Caesarean Fearless Foxes

Team Billiard handicap league: (4 entries)
Services, St Aubin, Tower T'ree, Tower Royals
Confirmed withdrawal: Tower's Fantastic Four

Individual snooker league 1: (5 entries)
Aaron Canavan, Gary Britton, Guy Heys, Ross Symes, Tony Le Poidevin

Individual snooker league 2: (9 entries)
Richard de la Haye, Peter Robinson, Howard Smith, Martyn Le Gallais, Tiernan McNulty,
James Martin, Steve Morgan, Ben Garnier. David Proctor

Individual Billiard league 1: (5 entries)
Richard de la Haye, Martyn Le Gallais, Guy Heys, Peter Allen, Darren Malzard

Individual Billiard league 2: (4 entries)
Peter, Robinson,  Bob Denison, Robert Le Moel, Howard Smith