Friday, 25 August 2017


Jersey sent 2 teams to the Home Internationals Billiards and Snooker Federation competition
which took place at the North Snooker Centre, Leeds on Thursday 17th & Friday 18th August
They were 8 entries: England A & B, Jersey A & B, Scotland A & B, Republic of Ireland & Wales
Jersey A: David Nichols, Martyn Le Gallais, Darren Malzard
Jersey B: Richard de la Haye, Howard Smith, Robert Le Moel.

Jersey A did very well finishing equal 2nd with Republic of Ireland, both teams finishing on 10
points winning 5 of their 7 matches but placed third having lost more games then Ireland.
The favourites England A winning their 7 matches and only dropping 1 game
David Nichols won 5, Darren Malzard won 4 and Martyn Le Gallais won 3
Jersey B finished bottom failing to win any matches but did win 1 game thanks to Howard Smith.