Friday, 17 March 2017


This was the final week of the billiards league and the last match between Services and Tower's Fantastic Four was the deciding result as to who would win the league. Services went into the game knowing avoiding defeat by more than 1 point would give them the title. It was a very close game but Services just succeeded by drawing 13-13. The result was thanks to Darren Malzard playing first against Island Billiard Champion Gary Britton, scoring 6 points, playing his best billiards of the season and restricting Gary table time to only score 3 points, the first time Gary has not scored 4 or more points in a game. It was also the first time a player had scored more than 5 points against him. Gary had breaks of 62, 51. Robbie Kilpatrick kept they hopes alive by scoring 4 against Tony Venton's 5. It was down to the last pairing, Malcolm Malzard versus David Brabiner, Malcolm had to make sure of not losing by more then 3 points to force a play off or 4 points to stop the reigning champions from winning the title for the third time. Malcolm scored 3 and despite the valiant effort of David with breaks of 63 and 102 only scored 5 points. Services win the league 240 to 239

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