Friday, 5 April 2019


About 20 spectators came to Tower to watch the final between Gary Britton and Aaron Canavan and saw Gary come back from 3-0  down to win 4-3 to retain the title he won last year against Karl Le Fevre, and to claim the Peter Dreux Island Snooker Championship title for the sixth time, a title he first won in 1997. 
At 3-0 down it looked unlikely Gary would come back into the game, but a small interval took place, Gary came out fighting and with some good potting and positional play clawed his way back to take the next four frames.
1- Aaron won 81-16
2- Aaron won 78-9 with a 73
3- Aaron won 59-29 with a 52
4- Gary won 67-27
5- Gary won 92-5 with a 62
6- Gary won 69-22 with a 55
7- Gary won 68-41   (Aaron 41, Gary 40)
In the deciding frame Aaron scored first and broke down on 41, Gary then came to the table and made a 40 and after a few safety shots with the last two reds remaining Gary made a 28 to clinch the frame with just pink and black left.

Match referee: Robert Le Moel 
Scorer: Phil Smith

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